Know your customer base

  • What is the size of your customer base?
  • How many customers are repeat buyers?
  • What's the average time between visits?
  • How much is the average purchaser worth to your business?
  • Which branches are under-performing?

A daily performance update, e-mailed direct to you, will tell you the answers to these questions. It'll tell you all sorts of things about your customers and how your business is doing (consultants like to call these “Key Performance Indicators”).

You're already collecting the data

Your eftpos terminal is generating it every time a card goes through. Switch on EFTPlus and start turning the data into knowledge.

There's no wading through boring data: we package it all up into easy-to-understand graphs and dashboards. We also include links to some great articles with simple ideas you can use to keep improving your bottom line.