No installation required. We're cloud based.

That's right! There is nothing to download. We don't touch your point of sale system or your eftpos machines. We manage everything online and get your transaction feed directly from Paymark (which just takes a phone call to arrange). So there is no hassle or fuss and no interruption to your business.

Make the most of your eftpos transactions. You're paying for them anyway.

If you're just using EFTPOS transactions to transfer money from your customers to you, you're not getting the full value out of them. Since you pay to provide EFTPOS you might as well get the most out of it. Your EFTPOS data can tell you useful information such as: the size of your customer base; what proportion of your customers are repeat visitors; what is the average time between visits; and much more. It can be hard to work out how to turn transaction data into this kind of information and that's where EFTPlus comes in. We make it easy by providing you with beautiful, easy to understand charts and tables in our performance update emails.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly performance updates. Track your business in your inbox.

We can send you, at your choice, daily, weekly and monthly performance updates which give you a snapshot of how your business and loyalty club are tracking. These are sent as easy to read emails (no logging into the EFTPlus site required) with beautifully presented charts and tables. Monitor individual branches, track advertising campaigns, set goals. Once again EFTPlus makes it easy.

Easy to setup. Simple steps that we'll guide you through.

EFTPlus is incredibly easy to set up. The initial steps just require completing the online form and making a call to Paymark. We'll guide you through the rest of the process including working with you to develop your loyalty reward program and managing staff training. Our eMarketing tools are simple to use with a point and click interface for creating detailed demographic segments of your membership base and simple editors for sending text messages and emails.

Handles the hard data analysis. Which usually means expensive.

EFTPlus analyses data that you already have and pay for (which helps us keep the service so inexpensive). You could do it yourself, but your excel spreadsheet would be incredibly complicated. Then we provide an advanced loyalty system to overlay detailed customer information. You could pay for expensive market research to get the same sort of information but EFTPlus loyalty pays for itself through increased member activity.

Make better informed business decisions. Give yourself a head-start on getting it right.

It not hard to see that greater understanding leads to better decision making. For example, we can tell you whether you need to be aiming to get more newcomers in the door or whether your repeat business is down. This can help you decide whether more advertising is required or if there is something you need to address in-house to keep people coming back. Not using all the information available to you is a bit like flailing around in the dark. Wouldn't you rather have the lights on?

No loyalty card. Their eftpos card is your loyalty card.

With the plethora of EFTPOS, credit, coffee, loyalty and other cards already stuffing our wallets no one wants to carry yet another card. We take that objection completely off the table by using the one card that nearly everyone is already carrying — their payment card. The other huge advantage of this is that neither you, nor your customer, needs to remember to use the card. They pay and get points. Its that simple.

No stamping, no swiping, no fuss. Don't slow down your sales.

Because we use the customer's eftpos or credit card and they just pay, as usual, to earn points, there is nothing that slows down the sales process. There is no stamping of coffee cards, no swiping of loyalty cards, no reminding of customers to use their card and no waiting while they fish it out of their wallet.

Minimal staff training required. Anyone can handle it.

Because most of your loyalty club is managed by the EFTPlus servers and the member's themselves there is very little your staff need to do day to day. All that's really needed is to process vouchers as they are presented and remind new customers to join.

Member's area plugin for your website. Member's can check their points and rewards right on your website.

With just some simple code (like Google Analytics code) dropped into your website, your members can manage their club account right on your web page. Everything from checking points to updating their profile is included. The plugin is part of your website so uses your fonts and styling but you can also use stylesheets to update any part of the look of the members area. Plus all the content is customisable. If you'd prefer a different word or phrase - we can change it.

Self-managing members. Let them do all the work you used to do.

Remember the bad old days when you had a jar on the counter collecting business cards. Once a week you'd pull them all out and manually add them one by one to your contact list. As they say, many hands make light work. With EFTPlus member's sign up themselves and fill in their own contact details. Its not you're problem any more.

Validate every voucher easily. John can't forward his reward to 20 mates.

Each EFTPlus reward (or special offer that you send out) has a unique voucher code. We have a range of options for checking these voucher codes to suit you — By standard telephone, on your internet connected POS, with a tablet, or by smart phone. Whichever method you choose, each code can be checked to make sure it is still valid and hasn't already been used or expired.

In-store sign up. Strike while the iron is hot.

EFTPlus provides you with a unique txt code so members can easily sign-up (and get their first reward) in-store on their mobile. We don't give them the chance to forget to fill in a form later.

Automated member emails. You don't have to send anything — though you can if you want.

The EFTPlus servers handle all member emails for you automatically. There is nothing you need to do or remember to do. Monthly points updates, birthday messages, special St Patricks day offers, we miss you emails to members who haven't visited for a few months — they can all be set up (use your own words or stick with our templates) and left to do their job. Of course you may want to send your own, more personal, updates or special offers out now and again and we have the tools to make it easy for you whenever you want.

You choose your rewards. But we're happy to help if you'd like.

Your EFTPlus loyalty program is unique to your business — we don't take a one size fits all approach. Your branded member's website looks and feels like your own and every communication can be edited to suit your style. So it will come as no surprise that you can choose exactly how you want to reward your members. You're not stuck with giving away one something after the member has brought 10 somethings. You can literally offer anything you want with any conditions you want. From bonus points to a skydive, it's up to you. And EFTPlus offers an amazing variety of fully automated reward options — top three spenders each week, birthday rewards, monthly prize draws, reaching a certain number of points, spending over a certain amount. These are just some of the ways you can reward your loyal customers with EFTPlus.

Product based rewards. Buy 5, get 1? Easy.

If you want to understand and reward customers not only for their spend, but what they spend their money on then look no further. We match payment card transactions with your POS data, giving you even more reward options and insights into your customers purchasing behaviour. Unfortunately this feature is only available to merchants using Vend and Wizbang, but we’re hoping to add more integrations in the near future.

Members return to redeem. They really are coming back.

Unlike some loyalty programs where you can visit a website and pick any old prize, EFTPlus rewards are ones you've chosen and you provide. Your members must come back in to your store to take advantage of whatever you decide to offer. Loyalty is all about repeat business so you know this just makes sense.

Branded emails. Your logo, your look and feel.

Whether it's a special eMarketing message you've set up or one of the fully-automated member emails, every email sent out to your members looks great, matches your website and feels like it has come from your business.

Real feedback on every campaign. Understand your actual marketing return.

Every time you set up and send an email or text campaign an automated report detailing your return will automatically be sent to you. Like everything at EFTPlus, we make sure that all interactions with your member base are tracked and reported to make sure your program and marketing is optimised to deliver the best experience to your customers. We even have a control group option to enhance your insight into how effective your promotions are to your members. Better yet, each report is automatically sent at the conclusion of each campaign so you don’t need to remember to do anything.

TXT in campaigns. Run your own txt competition.

With EFTPlus you get your own txt keyword so members can sign up in-store. Now EFTPlus also offers special txt-in campaigns for rewarding existing members and driving new membership. You choose the keyword and special offer, and whether you want to limit it to the quickest people. Then existing members or non-members alike can txt that keyword in to 4664 to receive the offer. Anyone who is not already registered, will be and the system will handle the rest of the sign up process for you.

Simple demographics. Easily track and communicate with specific member groups.

Even if you don't know what demographics means we make categorising your members into groups (for example, females spending more than $200) really easy. EFTPlus provides a simple point and click interface that allows you to select out members by all sorts of criteria such as: age, gender, spend, which rewards have been received and so on. You can then track these specific groups to see what proportion of your revenue they represent and how it changes over time. Or, you can send a special offer to a particular group. Running a ladies night? Want rugby enthusiasts to remember your venue for the big game? You can make sure the right members get the right message.

Easy eMarketing, any time, any where. Send an offer on a slow day from the counter.

EFTPlus provides the tools that makes communicating with your members easy. We have simple online editors that make creating and sending an email to your members (or a group of them) easy. We can also set you up so you can send a txt to all your members (or a group) just by sending a message from your mobile or sending an email to all your members (or a group) just by composing the email and sending it to the right address. And don't worry we'll make sure it reaches the other end with all your branding looking just as great as all the other member emails.

Special offers. Set up in advance and don't interrupt your weekend.

When you create an eMarketing email or txt, along with specifying which group to send it to, you can schedule the message to go out on a specific date at a particular time. And you can do this months or even years in advance. Want a special message to go out on Christmas day? We don't expect you to interrupt your Christmas sending it. As you'd expect its easy. Just select the date and time, click the group you want to send it to and we take care of the rest.

Every voucher tracked. We've got your back — even for special offers you send out.

Want to send out a special offer to your members (or a group of your members) but still want all the features and protection of standard rewards? We have you covered. We make it easy for you to generate a unique voucher code for every member which means they can't forward 20 copies on to their friends and we can track exactly how popular your offer was. We can even make sure that each member gets one and only one voucher for that offer even if they belong to more than one group.

Your data belongs to you. We'll help collect and present it but you own it.

EFTPlus is a tool to developing a deeper understanding about your business and we use your transaction data and help build your loyalty club for this purpose. But at the end of the day it is your data. We wont lock you in by forcing you to use our system to access it. You can download your entire member's database in the standard CSV format any time you want and we will happily forward your transaction information on to you — after all its your eftpos machines that are collecting it.

Awesome customer service. Because the better EFTPlus works for you — the better it is for us.

Our job is to make your business better. And we know that the best way we can do this is by helping you get the most out of EFTPlus. So we take every question or concern whether from you or your customers very seriously and try to resolve it as soon as possible. And we always do this with courtesy and respect because we know it's requires trust from you to let us represent your business. Merchants love our service. Many of our merchants openly refer to us as “their IT department” and we're flattered when they do so because it means they feel we're part of a team working with them which is just how we like it.

Amazing return on investment. ROI for those who like TLAs.

Because we start with transaction data we can look at how spending patterns change when someone joins one of our merchant's loyalty clubs. We can show that in, nearly every case, after joining members do indeed spend more per month at the merchants business. From this we can work out whether EFTPlus is paying for itself. Our current merchant ROI average is 1083%.