How does EFTPlus work?

Rather than giving you a long winded text description, you should probably take a look at this video which gives a nice overview. You should also check out our testimonials page, which has links to member websites for some of our existing merchants. On each member's website is contact details for the business. Of course, you're welcome to visit a merchant, join up and experience EFTPlus as a member.

Why do you need the customers full card details?

In order to 100% uniquely identify the customer the full card number is required. This allows us to say with 100% certainty that a particular member made a specific transaction.

EFTPlus uses a tokenisation system provided by Paymark to create a random number (or token) based on the full card number or PAN. The token is then used as the reference to map back to the full card number through the tokenisation system, but cannot be used as the card number and is therefore safe from hacking. By using this system, EFTPlus never receives or stores your card number, only the token, ensuring that EFTPlus remains PCI compliant.

How are cash transactions handled?

Unfortunately EFTPlus does not track or allocate points for cash transactions. If cash transactions are a large part of your business please contact us. We can provide an interface where you can manually allocate the points for cash transactions to members.

What happens if I have to refund a customer after points have been awarded?

As long as you refund the customer through the same method as they paid (for example, if they paid by eftpos you make the refund back to their eftpos card), EFTPlus will process a negative transaction for that member and will take the points off that have already been awarded, bringing them back to where they were prior to the original transaction. Of course if the transaction was enough to generate a reward for a customer they may have already redeemed it. In this case their account can go into negative points and the next reward will take longer to earn.

How do I stop people from redeeming the same voucher multiple times?

Each EFTPlus voucher (whether printed or sent as a text message) includes a unique voucher code. This code can be checked in-store to make sure it hasn't been used already. We provide a variety of ways for checking voucher codes and you can choose the best one for your business. If your point of sale system is connected to the internet we can provide a validation page. You can also use a tablet like an iPad if you have a wifi connection. Or you can use any smart phone. If none of these option suit voucher codes can also be validated on a standard telephone by calling our phone validation number. Finally, we have also partnered with POCKETVouchers and together we can generate codes that you can check using your EFTPOS terminal.

How much work is involved for my staff?

Very little. Club members manage their accounts and the EFTPlus servers automatically manage the day to day running of your loyalty club. Generally your staff will only have to deal with club members when redeeming a voucher. So they need to know how vouchers can be presented and what they need to do to validate a voucher code. Sometimes your staff will get queries from members about some problem the member may be having. If your staff member can't resolve the issue they are welcome to direct the query to EFTPlus support. We work hard to resolve every single query quickly.

Do I get any training and support on how to use the tools in the EFTPlus suite?

Yes, we include two site visits as part of the implementation process. We will take you through the EFTPlus administration site and show you how it all fits together. After that we provide on-going phone and email support and, if needed, we can arrange an extra site visit for just $40 (+ GST).

How can I advertise my loyalty program?

As part of the implementation process we'll help create a poster, table talker or business card that you can use to direct your customers to your new loyalty club. You can also advertise your program using any of the advertising mediums you currently use. The instructions to join via text message, for example, are short and simple and can be included in print, radio or TV advertising. We also recommend that you encourage staff to ask customers if they have joined the program and, if not, tell them how to join. This is the single most effective way of attracting new members (and with little cost). Finally if you have an existing contact list we can help you do an email out to your contacts letting them know about the progam including a link, and instructions on how to join.

Can I have the this service anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes, we cover the entire country, though EFTPlus staff are mostly Auckland and Dunedin based. Our only requirement is that your transactions are processed through Paymark. Contact us and we can help you work out if you are already on the Paymark network and, if not, we we're happy to help you switch to Paymark.

Can we use EFTPlus for my online store as well?

Absolutely we can handle online transactions along with 'bricks and mortar' ones. If your online transactions are processed through Paymark we'll handle them just like any other transaction. Again contact us and we can help you work out if your online transactions are handled by Paymark too, and, if not, we can help you switch. We can even track your online transactions separately so we can measure the performance of your online store compared your 'bricks and mortar' locations. We can also work with your online store provider so you can offer online discount codes as rewards.

Can people register and manage their points on their smartphone?

Yes, anyone can sign up to your program on any mobile phone by sending a special text message to our 4664 short code. Members with smart phones can use our mobile web app to manage their accounts, access rewards and review their points any time, any where (even in store).

Can I market to specific targeted groups of members?

EFTPlus makes sending emails or text messages out to specific groups of members easy. It starts in the administration website where we have a simple point and click interface to create a group of members based on a variety of options — spend, visits, age, gender, interests etc. Once you have the group of members you want to reach, you can send that group an email or text message from the administration website or from your mobile while at the counter. Your message can include a voucher code if you want to offer something special, and, if you're sending an email, it will look great with all your usual club branding.

I have an existing program or contact list. How do transfer them over?

Because EFTPlus is a new system provided by a new supplier we need to make sure the transfer of an existing contact list is managed carefully within New Zealand's privacy laws. We find the simplest, safest way to transfer your current list is to send them an email telling them about the program with instructions on how to join. We make it easy to send this email directly from EFTPlus with all your loyalty club branding. We also find this is a really good way to tidy up your contact list as old emails that are no longer used wont get a response.

I have an existing loyalty program, how can I swap my current members over while keeping them happy?

Because there are a variety of existing loyalty systems available it is best to contact us to discuss your particular set up and the needs of your members. We will work with you to manage the transfer of your existing members so that any benefits owing to them are also transferred. In general we find most members prefer the convenience of EFTPlus.

Will I get help to set up my new loyalty program?

Yes, we want to help you get your loyalty program up and running as soon as possible. When you decide to go with EFTPlus we'll provide a timetable that will show you exactly what needs to be done, by you and us, to get you underway. We've helped to set up over 100 programs and our staff are happy to answer any questions and discuss any ideas you have.

How do my vouchers get sent to my members?

We have a variety of ways that vouchers can be delivered to members but by far the two most popular are via email or text message. When a voucher is sent via email a special coupon is delivered as an image and a PDF that your member can print and bring along the next time they visit. A voucher sent by text message simply arrives on the member's mobile and they just bring their phone in. Both the printed and text message voucher has a special voucher code which you can use to confirm the voucher is valid and hasn't been used before. Members with smart phones can also use our mobile web app to review and present vouchers. These also have the same voucher code for validation.

Is EFTPlus PCI compliant?

EFTPlus is Payments Card Industry compliant. We've worked hard with our partners, Paymark and BNZ, to develop a system that doesn't require us to store or transmit any key card holder PCI information. We do not store or use the complete card number, expiry dates or CVS numbers. This means we're compliant because we don't hold information that requires adherence to PCI standards.

That doesn't mean we're not serious about security. Far from it. We understand that with merchant's and their members trusting us with their information comes responsibility for protecting that information. We use the PCI requirements as a best practice document and this forms the basis of our security policy. The EFTPlus service itself is hosted in a level 1 PCI compliant ISO 20007 certified data center. The service has also been penetration tested by a BNZ approved specialist security company.

How is the base monthly fee charged? And from when?

The base fee gives you access to a certain number of member transactions and features depending on the package you have chosen. Any additional charges incurred during the month, such as addons or emarketing campaigns are also added. For new customers the monthly base fee begins from the day you are provided access the E+ dashboard.

With email and text campaigns, how is this cost applied when the monthly base fee is charged in advance?

All ad hoc charges incurred during the month such as email and text messages are charged in arrears.

How will I be notified when I exceed my transaction limit for the month?

We will send you a notification when you reach your limit, with an additional bundle of transactions automatically added to your account so that you can continue to process member transactions. Every time you receive an automatic transaction bundle top up an emarketing credit will be applied to your account which can be used on any email or text campaign during the respective month.

How does the pricing work for multiple sites?

Each package has an additional monthly site fee that applies if you have one program with multiple stores included. For example, if you have multiple stores under one program and are on the Core package this will cost $299 per month for the first store, with any additional stores charged at $149 per month. For 3 stores the total monthly fee is $597. Previously you would be charged $299 per store, or $897 per month.

I have more than 10 sites included in my program, how does the pricing work for us?

If you have more than 10 sites you’re eligible for a customised pricing and package to suit your needs. Please fill out the following form and a EFTPlus representative will be in touch.

I would like a feature that is not included in my current package; how can I get this?

Please contact [email protected] or 09 887 3700 to discuss further. Note that not all add-ons are available for purchase on some plans.

If I want to upgrade to another package, who can I contact?

Simply contact [email protected] or call 09 887 3700 and we will get this organised for you.

Is there any additional onboarding costs for upgrading my package?

No, unless you’re moving to the Complete package in which case further onboarding charges may apply depending on your POS setup.


Web & Mobile Member Registration Interface: your customers can register and review their loyalty account via your own branded web plugin and mobile web app provided by EFTPlus. Members can either sign up in store or online, quickly and securely, and can review all account information including latest vouchers and promotions.

Communications Wizard: an email and text wizard allows you to set up and send communications and include unique, trackable vouchers that can be redeemed in store.

Member Account Lookup: within the dashboard you can look up any member account for a full summary of their interaction with your program. You can make various adjustments to their account including adding points or resending a voucher.

Advanced Rewards Engine: allows you to provide customised rewards to different segments of your customer base. This means you can have different rewards for different groups of people.

Transactions Overage Bundle: each package comes with a certain number of member transactions. If you go over your limit of transactions an automatic top up of transactions will be applied to your account for a fee. Example; the starter package receives 100 member transactions per month as part of the base fee, an automatic top up of 100 transactions will be applied for $25 if you reach your limit.

Marketing Campaign Feedback: This is an automated report that gets sent out after each email or text campaign, and measures the campaign response, and where a control group is selected, the impact of the campaign on spending. This automated campaign feedback loop allows you to quickly identify the success of the campaign and where improvements can be made.

Live Member feedback: This allows your customers to rate their experience with you and provide written feedback which you can then respond to in real time. Rating scales are included on emails and within the member account area. You can set up certain staff members to receive live feedback to give you the best chance of resolving any situation quickly.

Member Support Centre: EFTPlus will manage, resolve and respond to all member enquiries on your behalf so that you can concentrate on your business. All queries will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Loyalty & Redemption Engine: this includes a reward selection and fulfilment engine that allows you to design and implement your very own rewards experience. Once set up the rewards will be automatically allocated via the delivery method you select every time the corresponding threshold is met. For example, a automated ‘we miss you offer’ is sent via text to all members who have not transacted in 6 months.

A web based reward redemption link allows you to redeem all vouchers issued to your members. The redemption link can be set up as a quick key on your POS, or be added to any web enabled device.

Campaign Codes: this allows you to set up specific text codes designed to attract new customers or issue rewards to existing members based around an event or promotion. For example, if you wish to do a Christmas promotion to your members, you can invite them to text ‘Xmas’ to 4664 to receive a special reward. Those that are not members will also be invited to join your program through the promotion.

Database Segmentation Engine: this allows you to segment your database by transactional spend, demographic info, campaign responses and more. This way you can analyse and target rewards or promotions to certain segments of your customer base, such top spending females, or top customers that have transacted for a while.

Advanced Redemption: this allows you to redeem a voucher via a tender type (e.g cash, eftpos, voucher), allowing you to validate and process the voucher in one process. Please check if this feature is available on your POS by emailing [email protected] or calling 09 887 3700

Customer Basket Data: this allows for all customer purchases to be matched to a payment card so that you can identify, analyse and reward members based on the items they purchase. Please check if this feature is available on your POS by emailing [email protected] or calling 09 887 3700

Non-Member Insights: gives you visibility of all payment card transactions (not just member transactions) in store to give you an understanding of overall revenue and retention trends in your business.

User Stories: a typical member is automatically selected and analysed to showcase the ROI your program is generating based on their spend and engagement pre and post joining your program. This analysis will be provided in story form in your monthly report updates. More information to come…

Member Lookup on POS: the ability to search for a member and identify and redeem a voucher via your redemption link. If your member does not have their voucher, but they would like to know if they can still redeem it, this will allow you to look them up and find the voucher at the time of purchase. More information to come...