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    Build more profitable relationships with your customers
    EFTPlus combines transaction data, loyalty and emarketing to make your business more profitable
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    Understand your business. Know your customers.
    Your most valuable customers. How often they return. Your customer lifetime value. + much more...
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    Effortless and rewarding for you and your customers
    Their EFTPOS card is your loyalty card — they pay and earn points. No stamping or swiping and no fuss.
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    Easily send targeted email or text messages
    Males under 30? Top 500 spenders? Slice and dice your member list any way you want.

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Uncover a data mine
You're already collecting the data

You may think of eftpos primarily as a way of transferring money. But to us it's an untapped, unparalleled source of information. What is the size of your customer-base? How many customers are repeat buyers? What is the average time between visits? What is the average value of each purchaser?

EFTPlus takes your existing transactions and turns them into much deeper insight into your business.


Make it personal
Reward the best. Understand the rest

Transaction data can tell you What is happening with your business. We then provide NZ's most advanced loyalty system to understand the Who.

It's not about giving away product.

While your customers will enjoy being rewarded for their patronage, you're building a database of contacts and a much more detailed picture of who your customers are and what it is that attracts them to your business.


Now drive profitability
Using your insight and contacts

Should you be targeting new customers or trying to stimulate repeat business? What are the price points that resonate with your target market? EFTPlus helps you make better business decisions through a deeper understanding of your business.

EFTPlus also helps you drive repeat business by providing a simple to use, yet sophisticated eMarketing engine. You can break down contacts by age, spend, gender and more and send them targeted text messages or emails with special offers anytime.


Big player’s tools
Without the cost or complexity

EFTPlus gives you the power of the expensive, complicated customer analytics tools used by the major brands, without the cost or complexity.

EFTPlus delivers real results which can be measured through the transaction data. Many businesses in hospitality, retail, entertainment, travel and tourism use EFTPlus to build more profitable relationships with their customers.

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Restaurant Association innovator of the year winner 2014, for outstanding innovation in the hospitality industry.

At Little India we love Eftplus. It gives us a great way to communicate with our valued customers and make them feel special for being part of our VIP Club. The good thing about the system is that you can be as advanced with it as you want to be. There are automatic communications that go out to all customers and you also have the ability to be very specific to the customer base you want to talk to. This is very helpful for us with multiple restaurants across the country with different customer lists and different requirements when it comes to communicating with our customers

I would consider Eftplus to be one of the leaders in functional and innovative Loyalty Systems. A number of clients, both past and present have raved about the system and the high level of customer support they have received.

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